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Scarecrow Festival: Schedule is Posted

By NH Tomahawks, 10/15/19, 10:15AM EDT


2024 Purple, 2024 Gold, 2025 Purple, 2025/2026, 2026 Purple, 2027 Purple, 2028/29 Purple, 2028/29 Gold

NHT Teams Attending:

  • 2024 Purple
  • 2024 Gold
  • 2025 Purple
  • 2025/2026 (on schedule as 2026 Gold)
  • 2026 Purple
  • 2027 Purple
  • 2028/29 Purple
  • 2028/29 Gold

Scarecrow Festival Schedule and Tournament information is at the link below.

Rosters for the Scarecrow Festival are posted below.  All players should have at least 3 games.  The rotating rosters are an attempt to make all games as competitive as possible based on the opponent.  This is the only tournament for this format.  The teams are playing on side by side fields.  Coaches may adjust the rosters during the tournament.

Game 1: NHT 28 Gold v 3d Blue: 10:15. Field 13
Attack: Dellorfano, Wilhelm, Carter, Johnston, Carpenter, Mueller
Midfield: Monroe, Harrington, Bergin, Roark, Murphy, Savino
Defense: Scully, Olejarz, Wright, Hardie
Goalie: Lallemand, Swiniarski

Game 2: NHT 28 purple v NE Twisters 29: 11:00. Field 13
Attack: Mondello, Montagano, Contis, Pelletier
Midfield: Scheidell, Dawson, Paskalis, Kovaliv, Roark, Garland
Defense: Gaudreau, Hazard, Cryan, Wright
Goalie: Lewis

Game 3: NHT 28 purple v 3d Red. 1:15. Field 13
Attack: Johnston, Carpenter, Mueller, Mondello
Midfield: Roark, Murphy, Savino, Kovaliv,  Dawson
Defense: Wright, Hardie, Gaudreau
Goalie: Swiniarski

Game 4: NHT 28 gold v NE Twisters. 1:15. Field 12
Attack: Dellorfano, Wilhelm, Carter, Contis, Montagano, Pelletier
Midfield: Monroe, Harrington, Bergin, Scheidell, Paskalis, Garland
Defense: Scully, Olejarz, Hazard, Cryan
Goalie: Lewis, Lallemand

Game 5: NHT Purple v LXC White. 2:45 Field 12
Attack: Johnston, Carpenter, Mueller, Pelletier, Montagano
Midfield: Roark, Murphy, Savino, Kovaliv, Garland, Scheidell
Defense: Wright,  Gaudreau, Hazard
Goalie: Swiniarski

Game 6: NHT Gold v NE Twisters, 2:45 Field 13
Attack: Dellorfano, Wilhelm, Carter, Mondello, Contis
Midfield: Monroe, Harrington, Bergin, Dawson, Paskalis
Defense: Hardie, Cryan, Scully, Olejarz
Goalie: Lallemand, Lewis