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NH Tomahawks College Commitments

By NH Tomahawks, 02/06/18, 9:30PM EST


The club scene in terms of recruiting rules is fluid and you can count on NH Tomahawks to always be on the cutting edge, giving our players the best chance to succeed.  With the latest recruiting rule change, prohibiting recruiting and commitments from taking place prior to September 1st of junior year (DI), the role of the club becomes even more important.  College coaches, with their shortened window to recruit, are relying more than ever on their trusted and proven programs and relationships.

NH Tomahawks takes pride in helping players achieve their goals and we are proud of what our players have accompished on and off the field.  Below is a listing of Tomahawks Commitments by Conference.  (email commitments to



Liam Orifici '18 (Exeter) Bates

Oliver Allen '18 (Portsmouth) Bates

Jack Hutchinson '17 (Choate Rosemary Hall) Amherst

Matt Bass '17 (Brewster) Colby

Joe Costa '16 (Derryfield) Colby

Alex Astarita '15 (Bishop Guertin) Connecticut College

Charlie Gill '12(Phillips Exeter) Amherst

Sam Whitaker '14 (Hollis Brookline) Bates

Jake Geppert '14 (St Thomas Aquinas) Tufts

Peter Mumford '13 (Groton School) Bowdoin

Alexander Milofsky '11 (New Hampton) Connecticut College

Nate Milne '11 (Derryfield) Connecticut College

Sam Funnel '11 (Avon Old Farm) Trinity

Corey French '11 (St Paul's) Middlebury

Nick Carluccio '10 (Bishop Guertin) Connecticut College

Peter Wells '10 (Governor's) Tufts

Michael Maggiore '10 (KUA) Tufts

Thomas Livingston '10 (Middlesex) Bates

Kyle Starr '09 (Concord)  Bates

TJ Crutchfield '09 (St Paul's)  Bates

Eric Eberhart '08 (Phillips Exeter) Colby

Nick Croteau '08 (Bishop Guertin) Tufts

Reed Brown '08 (Portsmouth) Bates

Eddie Williams '08 (Phillips Exeter) Hamilton

Justin Starr '06 (Concord) Bowdoin


AJ Fox ’18 (Proctor)  Holy Cross

Cormac McCarthy '18 (Bedford) Boston University

Nick Prunier '16 (Bishop Guertin) Holy Cross

Matt Rimol '15 (Londonderry) Lehigh

Brody Smith '12 (Bishop Guertin) Lafayette

Tommy Labadini '12 (Salisbury) Loyola

Nathan Larrivee '12 (Bedford) Holy Cross

Nick Galanos '10 (Brooks) Navy

Will Vogt '10 (Exeter) Jacksonville

Kyle Bedell '08 (Bishop Guertin) Lehigh

Jon Marcek '07 (Bishop Guertin) Lafayette

Ed Daley '07 (Bishop Guertin) Lafayette

Mike Saucier '05 (Bishop Guertin) Lehigh


Andrew Geppert  ’18 (St Thomas Aquinas) Brown

Zac Tucci '18 (Avon) Harvard

Foster Burnley '18 (Souhegan) Dartmouth

Alex Burnley '17 (Souhegan) Dartmouth

Duncan Lechner '15 (St. Pauls) Harvard

Chris Keating '13 (Phillips Exeter) Yale

Colin Delea '12/'13 (Bishop Guertin/PEA) Harvard

Gunnar Shaw '10 (Hanover) Dartmouth

Rory MacLellan '07 (Bishop Guertin) Brown


John Anderson ’19 (Derryfield) Providence

Jack Sweeney ’19 (Pinkerton) Providence

Ro Bryan '18 (Avon) St John's

Tim Hinrichs '16 (Bishop Guertin) Providence

Sean Penna '16 (Exeter) University of Denver

Taylor Wallace '13 (Bedford) Providence

Matt McIver '12 (Andover) Villanova

Robby Stack '10 (Northfield Mt Hermon) Providence

Tyler Pratte '09 (Central) Providence

Colin Canty '09 (Governor's) St John's


Brian Cameron '18 (Bishop Guertin) North Carolina

Patrick Hadley '14 (Deerfield) Notre Dame

Luke Duprey '10 (Phillips Andover) Duke

Joe Giarusso '07 (Souhegan) Syracuse

BIG 10 

Sean Cameron '20 (Bishop Guertin) University of Maryland

Zach Ludd '18 (Governor's) Ohio State

Zack Johnson '09 (Bishop Guertin) University of Maryland


Chad Teresky '20 (Pinkerton) Air Force

Michael Chiasson '17 (Derryfield) Air Force

Matt Bayne Ward '10 (Bishop Guertin) Air Force

Billy Lawson '09 (Central) Air Force


Cole Brams ’19 (Portsmouth) Utah


Ethan Donlon '17 (Concord) Haverford

Jordan Hitchcock '10 (Hanover) Haverford


Jonny MacLean ’19 (Derryfield) Monmouth

Nick Guarente ’18 (Tilton) Canisius

Ryan Flynn ’18 (Bishop Guertin) Siena

Blake Boudreau '13 (Bishop Guertin) Marist

Drew Walsh '12 (Holderness) Quinnipiac

Nate Barry '11 (New Hampton)  Siena

Erik Kelly '11 (Bishop Guertin) Manhattan

Adam Hall '10 (Bishop Guertin) Siena

Pat Daley '08 (Bishop Guertin) Siena

Derek Favara '08 (Exeter) Siena


Patrick Riley '16 (North Reading) Wittenberg

Mike Carluccio '15 (Bishop Guertin) Wittenberg

Peter Hamblett '14 (Portsmouth) Ohio Wesleyan

Jeff Sherman '12 (New Hampton) Wittenberg

Jay Dolan '11 (Phillips Andover) Wittenberg

Greg Stevens '11 (Bow) Oberlin 

Nick Parisi '09 (Holderness) College of Wooster

Sean Carney '08 (Pinkerton) Wittenberg

Lucas Meyer '08 (Concord) Denison


Nathan Landry ’18 (Pinkerton)  St. Joseph’s of ME

Nate Laliberte '20 (Pinkerton) Bryant

Max Horton '19 (Derryfield) Hobart

Ryan Auger '19 (Pinkerton) Bryant

Colin Hendrickson '18 (Brewster) Sacred Heart

Ben Tessier '17 (Holderness) St Joseph's

Michael Vailas '15 (Bedford)  Bryant

Brandon Lebert '15 (Brewster) Wagner

Tommy Vailas '14 (Governor's) Bryant

Bailey Walsh '14 (Holderness) Sacred Heart

Luke Roever '12 (Bishop Guertin) Mount Saint Mary's

Lars Zandbergs '12 (Winchester) Hobart

Bo Redpath '10 (Taft) Bryant

Seth Richard '10 (Pinkerton) Sacred Heart

Cody Marquis '10 (Londonderry) Sacred Heart

Jim McInnis '08 (Bishop Guertin) Sacred Heart

Bobby Dattilo '08 (Pinkerton) Hobart


Christian Trahan '17 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Amherst

Cameron Richard '16 (Pinkerton) Fairfield

Charlie O'Brien '16 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Amherst

Jack McNallen '16 (Bishop Guertin) Towson

Brendan Cray '16 (Souhegan) UMass-Amherst

Ian Foster '16 (Brewster) Drexel

Max McCabe '15 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Amherst

Dom St Lauren '14 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Amherst

Jake Lisauskas '14 (Pinkerton) UMass-Amherst

Buddy Carr '14 (Exeter) UMass-Amherst

Kodiak Adams '14 (Brewster) Towson

Paul Spinney '13 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Amherst

Kyle Karaska '12 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Amherst

Bob Fahey '12 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Amherst

Larry Gilligan '11 (Reading) UMass-Amherst

Matt Whippen '10 (Chelmsford) UMass-Amherst

Kyle Pratte '10 (Central) Hofstra

Eric Harris '08 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Amherst

Art Kell '08 (Bridgton) UMass-Amherst

Alex Whitney '06 (Winnacunett) UMass-Amherst


Mike Penna ’18 (Exeter)  UMass-Lowell

Eric Flynn ’18 (Bedford) UMass-Lowell

Michael Donnelly '18 (New Hampton) UMass-Lowell

Doug Barker '18 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Lowell

Drew Muzzey '18 (Laconia) UMass-Lowell

Joe Nutting '16 (Souhegan) UMass-Lowell

Cam Hult '16 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Lowell

Brett Dattilo '16 (Pinkerton) UMass-Lowell

Stephen Bernabei '16 (Windham) UMass-Lowell

Henry Donnellan '16 (Brewster) Hartford

Wesley Harrington '15 (Westford) UMass-Lowell

Dillon Hayes '15 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Lowell

Gage Sevigny '15 (Bishop Guertin) UMass-Lowell

Nate Eldred '14 (Bishop Guertin) Umass-Lowell

Ralph Barisano '11 (Westford) Binghamton

Cam Sousa '07 (Hollis-Brookline) Hartford

Steve Guilherme '07 (Pinkerton) University of Vermont


Kyle Fink '18 (Bedford)  Skidmore

Johnny Moore '18 (New Hampton) St Lawrence

Ryan Albrecht '17 (Pinkerton) RPI

Andrew Scroeder '17 (Bedford) Clarkson

Colin Holt '17 (Goffstown) Clarkson

Elijah Gorton '15 (Derryfield) Clarkson

Conor Austin '15 (Hanover) Skidmore 

Blake Burnley '14 (Souhegan) Bard

Brad Whitaker '13 (Hollis-Brookline) Bard

Sebastian Olsen '13 (St Thomas Aquinas) Clarkson

Matt Kosicki '13 (Tabor) Union

Connor Brimley '13 (Chelmsford) St Lawrence

Jon Fairbanks '13 (Chelmsford) St Lawrence

Charley Duprey '12 (Portsmouth) St Lawrence

Jay Krzyston '12 (Bishop Guertin) RIT

Jack Dowst '11 (Derryfield) Clarkson

Tabor Engelken '11 (New Hampton) St Lawrence

Connor Sullivan '11 (Bedford) RPI

Jack Krzyston '10 (Bishop Guertin) RIT

Sam Demers '10 (Exeter) Clarkson

Matt O'Day '10 (Bedford) Clarkson

Robbie Brown '10 (Hanover) St Lawrence

Marc Peroni '09 (Central) St Lawrence

Andrew Thistle '09 (Chelmsford) Union

Myles Meserve '09 (St Thomas) Union

Matt Pope '08 (Exeter) St Lawrence

Matthew Livingston '08 (Loomis-Chafee) Union

Chris Labadini '08 (Bishop Guertin) Union

Jake Boutilier '08 (Exeter) Clarkson

Eric Gollands '08 (Chelmsford) Clarkson

Harry Johnson '07 (Exeter) St Lawrence

Ryan Koehler '07 (Bishop Guertin) RPI

Dave Roberts '07 (Hopkinton) RPI


Noah Rust ’18 (Windham) Western New England

Nick Gore ’18 (Salem) Wentworth

Ethan Hopey ’18 (Souhegan) Nichols

Brennan McInnis ’18 (Bishop Guertin)  Merrimack

Brandon Howe '18 (Bedford) Endicott

Kameron Bouvier '17 (Bishop Guertin) Univ of New England

Anthony Priest '17 (Bishop Guertin) Salve Regina

Blake Nizko '16 (Bishop Guertin) Univ of New England

Jake Kampner '16 (Chelmsford) Univ of New England

Zach Bossi '16(Souhegan) Univ of New England

Nick Sturgess '16 (Pinkerton)  Endicott

Spencer Allen '15 (Bishop Guertin) Wentworth

Jacob Eldred '15 (Trinity) Wentworth

Jake Ollila '14 (Goffstown) Wentworth

Mac Martin '14 (Merrimack)Nichols

Hunter Allen '13 (Bishop Guertin) Roger Williams

Sean Fenn '12 (Bishop Guertin) Endicott

Peter Field '12 (Pinkerton) Endicott

Greg Bohlig '12 (Londonderry) Western New England

Jeff Auger '11 (Pinkerton) Western New England

Chris Coppinger '10 (Derryfield) Roger Williams

Sam Grande '10 (Bedford) Wentworth

Jeff Guilherme '10 (Pinkerton) Wentworth

Jared Proulx '09 (Nashua South) Wentworth

Brian Estes '09 (Pinkerton) Endicott

Keenan Tancill '08 (Merrimack) Roger Williams

Avi Aronson '08 (Holderness) Endicott

Justin Sproul '08 (Londonderry) Endicott

Jake Katz '07 (St Thomas Aquinas) Western New England

Chris Stringfellow '07 (Londonderry)Nichols

Chris Guilherme '06 (Pinkerton) Wentworth


Nick Gould ’18 (Bishop Guertin)  Univ of New England

Chris Valentine ’18 (Pinkerton) Southern NH

Justin Todd ’18 (Bishop Guertin) Southern NH

Logan Bell ’18 (Gilford) Southern NH

Thomas Sweeney ’18 (Pinkerton)  Southern NH

Colton Krasinski '18 (Bedford) Merrimack

Lance Crate '18 (Proctor) Merrimack

Drew Hailey '18 (Bishop Guertin) Merrimack

Andrew Johnson '18 (Derryfield) Merrimack

Kyle Fortier '17 (Pinkerton) Franklin Pierce

Michael O'Reilly '17 (Bishop Guertin) Assumption

Michael Bowman '17 (Timberlane) Franklin Pierce

Mason Barchard '17 (Brewster) Southern NH

Colin Duff-Marsh '17 (Brewster) Franklin Pierce

Patrick Ryan '17 (Brewster) Pace

John Bruno '17 (Bishop Guertin) Bentley

Kyle Chiasson '16 (Laconia) Franklin Pierce

Michael Calistro '16 (Pelham) Franklin Pierce

Garrett Bozek '16 (Bishop Guertin) UNE

Michael Barrett '16 (Bishop Guertin) Assumption

Kherry Rober '16 (Kennett) Franklin Pierce

Colin Buck '16 (Bow) Assumption

George Geraghy '16 (Hanover) St Anselm

Ryan Burke '15 (Pinkerton) Merrimack

Nick Richard '15 (Pinkerton) Saint Anselm

Xavier Quinn '15 (St Thomas Aquinas) Saint Anselm

PJ Kendall '15 (Groton-Dunstable) Saint Anselm

Jeremy Pariseau '15 (Bedford) College of St Rose

Hunter Francoeur '15 (Timberlane) Franklin Pierce

Luke Tracy '15 (Pelham) Franklin Pierce

Brendan Wall '14 (Londonderry) Pace

Erik Kenison '14 (Londonderry) Pace

Matt Sanford '14 (Bow) Bentley

Chayce Horton '14 (Souhegan) Bentley

Eric Coburn '14 (Londonderry) Merrimack

Derrick LaBranche '14 (Bow) Saint Anselm

Cody McInnis '14 (Bishop Guertin) Saint Anselm

John Karanasios '14 ((Bishop Guertin) Saint Michael's

Brad Chapdelaine '14 (Goffstown) Franklin Pierce

Jack Carney'14 (Goffstown) Franklin Pierce

Mark Beirne '14 (Central) Southern NH

Mitch Green '13/'14 (Derryfield/Kent) Merrimack

Liam Moloney '13 (Goffstown) Franklin Pierce

Colin Swanson '13 (Bishop Guertin) Saint Anselm

David Phelps '13 (Bedford)  Bentley

Connor Holbrook '13 (Souhegan) Bentley

Michael Astarita '12 (Bishop Guertin) Bentley

Scott Corcoran '12 (Austin Prep) Merrimack

Lowell Kish '12 (Littleton) Franklin Pierce

Casey Burnett '12 (Bishop Guertin) Franklin Pierce

Malcolm Sutton '12 (Central) Franklin Pierce

Gabe Lee '12 (Kennett) Southern NH

Philip LaTorre '11 (Londonderry) Southern NH

Frank Taylor '11 (New Hampton) Saint Anselm

Charlie Geraghty '11 (Hanover) Saint Anselm

Kevin Dargin '11 (Littleton) Franklin Pierce

Bryan Bourque '10 (Goffstown) Franklin Pierce

Nick Astarita '10 (Bishop Guertin) Bentley

Chris Casserly '10 (Exeter) Saint Michael's

Luke Solm's '10 (Bishop Guertin) Saint Michael's

Brandon Lavoie '10 (Central Catholic) Merrimack

Griffin Sandler '10 (Bow) Saint Anselm

Tom Gardner '10 (Trinity Pawling) Saint Anselm

Tyler Violette '08 (Bishop Guertin) Saint Michael's

Stephen Porter '07 (Hopkinton) Saint Anselm

Eric Gunst '07 (Exeter) Southern NH

Mike Woods '07 (St Thomas) Saint Anselm

Ted Dimando '07 (Pinkerton) Assumption

Mike Bednarz '06 (Bishop Guertin) Saint Michael's

Zach Jandl '06 (Vermont Academy) Saint Michael's

Ryan MacDonald '05 (Bow) Saint Anselm


Matthew Dubriel '16 (Derryfield) Wheaton

Griffin Phaneuf '14 (Derryfield) Wheaton

Michael McStravock '10 (Pinkerton) Babson

Noah Schwaegerle '13 (St Thomas Aquinas)  Clark

Colin Cashin '15 (Bedford) Coast Guard

Cole Finerty '15 (Exeter) Springfield

Tom Hurley '14 (Bishop Guertin) Springfield

Al Burgun '12 (Hollis-Brookline) Springfield

Donny Denman '10 (Exeter) Springfield

David Brochu '07 (Pinkerton) Springfield

Sam Hastings '14 (Londonderry)  Mass Maritime


Alex Desmarais '12 (Gould) Salisbury

Grahm McGlinchey '12 (Berwick) Mary Washington


Joshua Bucens '15 (Acton-Boxboro) Elmhurst


Andrew Phillips '15 (Salem) Marywood

Austin Maylor '14 (Pinkerton) Marywood

Patrick Tatro '09 (Central)  Cabrini


Tim Vinton '16 (Souhegan) Nazareth

Anthony LaRusso '13 (Kennett) Elmira

Jacob Whitmore '12 (Central) Hartwick

Brandon McMaster '10 (Memorial) Elmira


Todd Redman '18 (Nashua North) Mercyhurst

Stephen Dubois '16 (Goffstown) Mercyhurst


Jordan Hines ’18 (Essex) Lasell

Connor Prangley '16 (Bishop Guertin) Emmanuel

Ray Etzo'16 (Trinity) Emmanuel

Jack Nordin '16 (Goffstown) Rivier

Ken Whittier '15 (Bishop Guertin) Rivier

Tyler Prendergast '14 (Pinkerton) Rivier

Jason Kerkoff '06 (Hollis Brookline) Lasell

Jay McCormick '06 (Kearsage) Lasell

Zach Adler '14 (Exeter) Norwich

Cam Hawyward '14 (Pinkerton) Mount Ida

Cameron Zaborowski '14 (Littleton) St. Joseph's, ME

Jeremy Ward '12 (Bishop Guertin) Norwich

Mike Durand '09 (Londonderry)  Mount Ida


Mark Hanlon '14 (Pinkerton) Franciscan Universtiy

Andrew Gardiner '07 (St Thomas Aquinas)  Colorado

Ian Coughlan '08 (Deerfield) Colorado

Chad Kelsey '08 (Derryfield) Whittier

Christian Wright '06 (Exeter) Whittier


Chris Kidger '10 (Bridgton)Elizabethtown


Palmer Belowski ’18 (Souhegan) Keene State

Jordan Caito '17 (Bishop Guertin) Keene State

Tyler Sullivan '15 (Bedford) Keene State

Mitch Hale '14 (Souhegan) Keene State

Mathew Howe '14 (Bedford) Keene State

Matthew Gunst '11 (Exeter) Keene State

Mackenzie Fleming '09 (Derryfield)  Plymouth

Kevin LeSage '08 (Exeter) Keene State

Jason Shinkwin '07 (Bishop Guertin) Plymouth

Ben Bell '07  (Merrimack Valley) Plymouth

Drew Kirwin '07 (Bow) Plymouth 

Braden Verge '06 (Pinkerton) Keene State


JJ Larose '17 (Campbell) Regis

Logan Bateman '17 (Stevens) Regis

George Nicolopoulos '15 (Derryfield)Regis


Chaz Hacking '17 (Belmont) New England College

Ryan Stone '14 (Laconia)  Castleton

Alec Grant '14 (Hollis Brookline) Maine Maritime

Dalton Paquette '13 (Merrimack) New England College

Joseph Ricco '17 (Alvirne) Lyndon State


Jeremy McGuire '09 (Souhegan)Saint Vincent

Andrew Gordon '06 (West) Washington & Jefferson


Griffin Webber '17 (Pingree) Roanoke

Michael McBournie '11 (New Hampton) Randolph-Macon

George Prue '08 (Exeter) Roanoke


Dan Klink '08 (Nashua North)Mars Hill


Will Lathram '17 (Bishop Guertin) Centre

Max Foisey '15 (Concord) Berry


Colin Casey ’17 (Bishop Guertin) Lynn

Peter Fucci '11 (Bishop Guertin) Tampa

Eli Ward '11 (Cambridget R & L) Saint Leo

Kyle Marceau '06 (Concord) Saint Leo


Girls College Commitments


NH Tomahawks goal is to find the best academic and athletic fit for each NHT player.  NH Tomahawks has dedicated recruiting directors to help navigate and assist in the recruiting process. In addition, all high school players will have access to the use of recruiting software that will allow players to take charge of their recruiting and allow our staff to assist in the process.  Players will also have access to NH Tomahawks recruiting seminars that help educate, simplify and provide focus on what players can expect as well as timelines and associated actions.


Sami Lecaroz (Londonderry) Kennesaw State Univ

Taylor Darrell (Bow)  Delaware

Kate Bradford (Bishop Guertin) Delaware

Olivia Koutsos (Bishop Guertin) Brown

Kennedy Boyle (Bedford) Campbell

Megan Jarvis (Pinkerton) Endicott

Avery Drouin (Pinkerton) Quinnipiac

Emily Sharretts (Pinkerton) Stonehill

Casey Johnson (Souhegan) Southern NH

Madi Kochanek (Derryfield) Iona

Kaitlyn Marchant (Londonderry) Western New England

Alyssa Bourque (Goffstown) U of New Haven

Rachael Deptula (Governor’s) Bates

Jamie Jutras (Campbell) Springfield

Shannon Weisensee (Pelham) Keene State


Carly Young (Pinkerton) Iona

Lauren Arkell (Phillips Exeter) Davidson

Noel Riley (North Reading) Central Connecticut State Univ

Molly Seibel (Phillips Exeter) Tufts

Izzy Powell (Tabor Academy) Wesleyan

Anna Reaman  (Phillips Exeter) Bates

Catherine Langmaid (Salem) Central Connecticut State Univ 

Madison Peredna (Pinkerton)  Southern NH

Grace Young (Bishop Guertin)  Saint Anselm

Meghan Jackes (Londonderry)  Keene State

Kelsey Bush (Kennett)  St Michael's

Isabella Bourque  (Londonderry)  Stonehill

Allie Connelly (Windham)  University of New England

Eleanor Mallet (Phillips Exeter)  Wellesley

Kayli Keenan  (Bishop Guertin) Bentley


Katie Chiasson (Brewster) Lafayette

Jillian Schwab (Pelham) Central Connecticut State Univ

O'Neill Galinson (Derryfield)  University of Tampa

Lyndon Flanagan  (Hopkinton)  Merrimack

Mikala Eacrett (Proctor)  Sacred Heart

Katlyn Parker (Central)  Central Connecticut State Univ.

Abby Hayhurst (Bishop Guertin) Wingate

Emily Santom (Bishop Guertin) Mount Saint Mary

NH Tomahawks players have played at or are committed to play at over 125 colleges and universities listed below. 
NH Tomahawks works with ALL players to find the best athletic AND academic fit at DI, DII, DIII levels.
Conferences where we have placed players with college offers include:
ACC, America East, Big 10, Big East, CCC, Centennial, Colonial, ECAC, Empire 8, Great Northeast, IVY League, Liberty League, Metro Atlantic, NE-10, NECC, NESCAC, NEWMAC, North Atlantic, North Coast, Patriot, SOCON, Southern & Sunshine State 
Airforce Academy, Amherst College, Assumption, Babson, Bard, Bates, Bentley, Berry, Binghamton, Boston University, Bowdoin, Brown, Bryant, Cabrini, Campbell, Castleton, Central Connecticut State Univ, Centre, Chapman, Clark, Clarkson, Coast Guard Academy, Colby, College of St Rose, Colorado, Connecticut College, Cornell, Dartmouth, Davidson, Denison, Drexel, Dowling, Duke, Elizabethtown, Elmhurst, Elmira, Emmanuel, Endicott, Fairfield, Franciscan, Franklin Pierce, Hamilton, Hartford, Hartwick, Harvard, Haveford, Hobart, Hofstra, Holy Cross, Iona, Jacksonville, Keene State, Kennesaw State University, Lafayette, Lasell, Lehigh, Lemoyne, Loyola, Lyndon State College, Maine Maritime Academy, Manhattan, Marist, Mars Hill, Mary Washington, Marywood, Mass Maritime, Maryland, McGill, Mercyhurst, Merrimack, Middlebury,Milwaukee School of Engineering, Mount Ida, Mount Saint Mary's, Nazareth, New England, Nichols, Norwich, Notre Dame, Oberline, Ohio State University, Ohio Wesleyan, Pace, Plymouth State, Providence, Quinnipiac, Randolph Macon,Regis, RIT, Rivier, Roanoke, Roger Williams, RPI, Sacred Heart, Salisbury, Salve Regina, Siena, Skidmore, Southern NH, Springfield, Stonehill, St Anselm, St John's, St Joseph's, ME, St Lawrence, St Leo, St Michael's, St Vincents, Syracuse, Tampa, Towson, Trinity, Tufts, Union, United States Naval Academy, University of Delaware, University of Denver, University of Mass- Amherst, University of MassLowell, University of New England, University of New Haven, University of North Carolina, University of Tampa, University of Vermont, Villa Julie, Villanova, Wagner, Washington & Je!erson, Wentworth, Wesleyan, Western New England, Wheaton, Whittier, Wittenberg, College of Wooster, Yale