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Indoor League: Schedule & Free agents

By NH Tomahawks, 01/23/19, 11:30AM EST


Free Agents should recheck assignment

The Session 3 indoor league divisions, teams and free agents are now posted.  (free agents scroll down)



If you are a free agent, your free agent assignment will be posted at the list below.  Once your your team assignment is posted, you can, click the link below to go to your team page.

To view schedule from your team page, click the link below, then click your division, team name.  Once on team page, click the game schedule tab.


All games are played at NH Sportsplex (68 Technology Dr, Bedford, NH)

Building 1 (Fields A, B & C is the BACK building)

Building 2 (Fields 1, 2, 3 is the FRONT building)

Message to Free Agents

If you are a free agent and your name is not on the list below, please email us.


If after week 1, you find that your assigned team is not a good fit for you for any reason, please email us so we can accomodate.

Scroll down for Schedule Link and  Free Agent Assignments

Free Agent Assignments for Session 3: Indoor League

GIRLS 4/5/6
Lindsay LaBossiere Manchester
Charlee Priest Manchester
Olivia Barto Merrimack
Emmerson Danish Derry White
BOYS 4/5/6
Jonah Feliciano Lehigh
Jacob Chate Lehigh
Stephen Simard UMass
William Simard UMass
Max Cail UMass
Kade Fletcher UMass
Lowell Lees Lehigh
Phineas Norton Lehigh
Kyle Romanek Lehigh
Jake Gates Lehigh
Gavin Koch Lehigh
Sean Guarino Lehigh
Matthew Sprague Lehigh
Derek Allen Lehigh
Cade Johnston Lehigh
John Padden Timber Rattlers
Giovanni Recesso Timber Rattlers
Trenton Cormier UMass
Brady Doldo UMass
Michael O'Connor UMass
Andrew Emond Goffstown
Huxley Brown Windham
Griffin Lechner Windham
Aidan Doyle Goffstown
Camden Hayden UMass
Peyton Connelly UMass
Colby O'Brien UMass
Sam Barad UMass
Brooks Hardie UMass
Riley Gwinn UMass
Ben Hamson Lehigh
Mason Frechette Lehigh
BOYS 7/8
Ryan Carmichael Hollis Brookline
Killian Carter Hollis Brookline
Brody Cocuzzeo Hollis Brookline
Ben Atkins Pelham
Seth Cillo Maroon Doom
Chandler Leo Maroon Doom
Mason Reekie Bad News Bears
Ryan Ahern Conval Black Wolves
Shaun Highley North Carolina
Brad Griffin North Carolina
Ryan Haley North Carolina
Kyle Mach North Carolina
Joe Williams North Carolina
Kevin Sheridan North Carolina
Nathan Pedrick North Carolina
Dane Duarte North Carolina
Jonovan Santana North Carolina
Ryan Breen North Carolina
Severen Johnson North Carolina
Desmond Perezcastaneda North Carolina
John Kramer Maryland
Gabriel Tomkinson Maryland
Quinlan Duprey Maryland
Tony Ferriero Maryland
Aaron Palmer Maryland
Josh Grimard Maryland
Joey Lawrence Maryland
Tyler Doldo Maryland
Connor Guibord Maryland
Luke Stimeling Maryland
Jacob Noe Maryland
Tim Kiely Maryland
Madeline Karsonovich Merrimack Valley
Brigid England Londonderry 7/8
Lauren Allen Londonderry 7/8
Jocelyn Ashford Londonderry 7/8
Waverly Oake-Libow Londonderry 7/8
Sophia Royal Lady Bears
Ava Broussard Lady Bears
Nicole Heiter BG Black
Courtney Ingham Pelham
Charlotte Moloney Merrimack Valley
Olivia Callery Merrimack Valley
Brooke Silvestri Londonderry 7/8
Paige Mello Londonderry 7/8
Dallas Wyle Tide Lax
Tess Hollingsworth Lady Bears
Addison Trefethen BG Gold
Hallie Bardani BG Black
Erin Baker Merrimack Valley
Emma Repici Hopkinton White
Luc Blondeau Trinity
Hassar Jaffri Trinity
John Casey Trinity
Joshua Straitiff Gilford/NM
Tate Nurme Lowell Catholic
Max Phillips Lowell Catholic
Sebastian Botelho Alvirne White
Tyler Morin Coe Brown
Cam Naselroad PA Red
Chris Humphrey PA Red
Conor Gilroy PA Red
Ryan Gorman PA Red
Jake Manning PA Red
Jackson Chalmers PA Red
Connor McMahon PA Red
Joshua Kenney PA Red
Jacob Kenney PA Red
Jeremy Kenney PA Red
Owen Belanger PA Red
Liam Prescott PA Red
Duncan Korkosz PA Red
Emerson Khambatta PA Red
Issac Gridley PA Red
Gabe Camuso PA Red
Tim Burson Gilford/NM
Shain Price Gilford/NM
Devyn Lavoie Coe Brown
Alex Knight Coe Brown
Brendan Pearl Concord
Alec Kacavas Windham/ Salem
Nathan Lessard Windham/ Salem
Alex Hawkom Windham/ Salem
Cam Griffin Exeter White
Alejandro Arnaiz Londonderry White
Ben Pitts Concord
Gavin Butler Gilford/NM
Shain Price Gilford/NM
Will Shiber Concord
Brennan Hoppa Concord
Connor Mullin Concord
Patrick Cassidy Concord
Augie Johnson Exeter White
Carlos Nicolosi Concord
Caleb Scarlett Goffstown
Emerson Tyler Lowell Catholic
Anders Sailer Lowell Catholic
Kyle Cioffi Lowell Catholic
Tate Nurme Lowell Catholic
Luke Witmer Lowell Catholic
Kendrick Leighton Coe Brown
Owen Medina Campbell Black
Patrcik Millerick Conval
Ryan Palmer Oyster River
Andrew Ralston Conval
Sam Ralston Conval
Jacob Radwan Coe Brown
Liam Castrios Gilford/NM
Jack Cinquegrano Coe Brown
Wells Lambert Coe Brown
James Gould Coe Brown
Gerald Nkwantah Gilford/NM
Jeffrey Emmons Concord
Nick Allsup Coe Brown
Corey Gott Concord
Jack Wixson Concord

Indoor League Player Registration

Reserve a Team Spot for session 3

The link below is for Team Contact to reserve a spot for the indoor league.  If you are a PLAYER, (joining a team or a free agent), please register at the Player link above.  

SUMMER TRYOUTS: YOUTH (2023 thru 2028)

Boys Summer Elite Tryouts (Grad Years 2023 thru 2028):  March 16 and 17, 2019

Winter Clinics Open to All Players


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