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Indoor League Schedule and Updated free agent assignments

By NH Tomahawks, 11/28/18, 8:30AM EST


Free agents need to recheck their assignment

Weeks 2 thru 5 Schedule now posted

Weeks 4 thru 6 will be posted on Friday 11/30.  Week 7 will be posted after week 6 and will depend on seeding.  All teams play week 7.

Some free agents have been reassignment so free agents should re-check the list below (scroll down)


If you are a free agent, your free agent assignment will be posted at the list below.  Once your your team assignment is posted, you can, click the link below to go to your team page.

To view schedule from your team page, click the link below, then click your division, team name.  Once on team page, click the game schedule tab.


All games are played at NH Sportsplex (68 Technology Dr, Bedford, NH)

Building 1 (Fields A, B & C is the BACK building)

Building 2 (Fields 1, 2, 3 is the FRONT building)

Message to Free Agents

If you are a free agent and your name is not on the list below, please email us.


If after week 1, you find that your assigned team is not a good fit for you for any reason, please email us so we can accomodate.

Scroll down for Schedule Link and  Free Agent Assignments

Free Agent Assignments for Session 2: Indoor League

Emmerson Danish Girls 4/5/6 Merrimack
Lindsay LaBossiere Girls 4/5/6 Manchester Thunder
Charlee Priest Girls 4/5/6 Manchester Thunder
Lowell Lees Boys 4/5/6 Exeter/ Londonderry
Dominic Bellino Boys 4/5/6 Bedford
Derek Allen Boys 4/5/6 Exeter/Londonderry
Mason Frechette Boys 4/5/6 Bedford
Peyton Connelly Boys 4/5/6 Bedford
Nolan Hackett Boys 4/5/6 Bedford
Aidan Doyle Boys 4/5/6 Black Bears
Andrew Emond Boys 4/5/6 Black Bears
Liam Bright Boys 4/5/6 Black Bears
Elijah Gonzalez Boys 4/5/6 Black Bears
Gus Stevenson Boys 4/5/6 Black Bears
Harry Lynn Boys 4/5/6 Bedford
Camden Hayden Boys 4/5/6 Windham
Colby O'Brien Boys 4/5/6 Black Bears
Cooper Paquette Boys 4/5/6 Bedford
Brandon Kenney Boys 7/8 Maryland
Michael Brodeur Boys 7/8 Maryland
Chandler Leo Boys 7/8 Maryland
Ronan Balistreri Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Seth Cillo Boys 7/8 Maryland
Tyler Doldo Boys 7/8 Syracuse
John Kramer Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Cody Santomassimo Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Tim Kiely Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Killian Carter Boys 7/8 Maryland
Jacob Noe Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Tyler Lautieri Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Zach Connerty HSB Cavs Black
Emerson Warren Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Braden Treacy Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Tomas Anderson Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Tony Ferriero Boys 7/8 Maryland
Luke Tsai Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Gabriel Tomkinson Boys 7/8 Syracuse
Quinlan Duprey Boys 7/8 Maryland
Ryan Carmichael Boys 7/8 Maryland
Dane Duarte Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Shaun Highley Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Kevin Broderick Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Jonavan Santana Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Severen Johnson Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Giomar Arman Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Joe Weisenburger Boys 7/8 Maryland
Josh Grimard Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Bennett Atkins Boys 7/8 Maryland
Aaron Palmer Boys 7/8 Maryland
Joe Willimas Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Kyle Mach Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Kyle McPhail Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Desmond Perezcas Boys 7/8 Maryland
Bradley Griffin Boys 7/8 North carolina
Nick Antonietti Boys 7/8 Windham
Bradley Sprague Boys 7/8 North Carolina
Mason Reekie Boys 7/8 Amherst
Joey Lawrence Boys 7/8 Maryland
Hannah Paradis HS Girls Hopkinton
Hailey Arseneau HS Girls Londonderry 7/8
Emma Repici HS Girls Northwestern
Charlotte Moloney HS Girls Merrimack Valley
Erin Baker HS Girls Merrimack Valley
Olivia Callery HS Girls Merrimack Valley
Izabella Hatayan HS Girls Londonderry 7/8
Brooke Silvestri HS Girls Londonderry 7/8
Cailean Roy HS Girls Londonderry 7/8
Paige Mello HS Girls Londonderry 7/8
Hallie Bardani HS Girls Northwestern
Riley Zanella HS Girls Northwestern
Emma Thompson HS Girls Northwestern
Hailey LeBlanc HS Girls Merrimack 7/8
Kendal Peck HS Girls Lady Bears
Dallas Wyle HS Girls Northwestern
Madeline Karsonovich HS Girls Merrimack 7/8
Nicole Heiter HS Girls Northwestern
Waverly Oake- Libow HS Girls Merrimack 7/8
Lauren Allen HS Girls Londonderry 7/8
Tess Hollingworth HS Girls Northwestern
Soleil Dubois HS Girls Northwestern
Isabell West HS Girls Merrimack 7/8
Anna Salisbury HS Girls Northwestern
Emma Edwards HS Girls Northwestern
Victoria Hanlon HS Girls Northwestern
Helena Koch HS Girls Lady Bears
Katherine Shea HS Girls Lady Bears
Dakota West HS Boys Colgate
Wells Lambert HS Boys Colgate
Jack Cinquegrano HS Boys Colgate
Jacob Radwan HS Boys Colgate
Preston Hall HS Boys Colgate
Zach Santos HS Boys Lehigh
Augie Johnson HS Boys Merrimack Blue
Cameron Griffin HS Boys Merrimack Blue
Cody Fleming HS Boys PA Red
Max Van Fleet HS Boys Duke
Jerrey Emmons HS Boys Duke
Sam Thompson HS Boys PA Red
S. Patrick Millerick HS Boys Duke
Tate Nurme HS Boys Duke
Colby Wilson HS Boys Duke
Curtis Redd HS Boys Duke
Connor Mullin HS Boys Duke
Mark Galvin HS Boys Concord/ North
Jake Noury HS Boys Lehigh
Emerson Tyler HS Boys Duke
Patrick Lee HS Boys Duke
Samuel Ralston HS Boys Duke
Andrew Ralston HS Boys Duke
Calvin Desmarais HS Boys Duke
Gavin Butler HS Boys Duke
Alex Hawkom HS Boys Windham
TJ Pacheco HS Boys Windham
Alec Kacavas HS Boys Windham
Nathan Lessard HS Boys Windham
Picasso Bates HS Boys Alvirne
Gabriel Camuso HS Boys Merrimack White
Duncan Korkosz HS Boys PA Red
Andrew Hassler HS Boys PA Red
Lucas Frazier HS Boys PA Red
Cameron Naselroad HS Boys PA Red
Connor McMahon HS Boys PA Red
Chris Humphrey HS Boys PA Red
Ryan Gorman HS Boys PA Red
Ethan Hirsch HS Boys PA Red
Will Shiber HS Boys Colgate
Brennan Hoppa HS Boys Colgate
Nate Johnson HS Boys Colgate
Colby Carey HS Boys Lehigh
Brendan Boschi HS Boys Lehigh
Alex Lacasse HS Boys Lehigh
Braden Hafeman HS Boys Lehigh
David Rizzo HS Boys Lehigh
Zack Spirito HS Boys Colgate
Drew Hodges HS Boys Colgate
Samson Hodges HS Boys Colgate
Sebastian Botelho HS Boys Lehigh
Brady Robicheau HS Boys Lehigh
Nick Allsup HS Boys Colgate
Zach Santos HS Boys Lehigh
Pano Kostakis HS Boys Lehigh

Indoor League Player Registration

Reserve a Team Spot for session 3

The link below is for Team Contact to reserve a spot for the indoor league.  If you are a PLAYER, (joining a team or a free agent), please register at the Player link above.  

SUMMER TRYOUTS: YOUTH (2023 thru 2028)

Boys Summer Elite Tryouts (Grad Years 2023 thru 2028):  March 16 and 17, 2019

Winter Clinics Open to All Players