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Inside Lacrosse Invitational August 5 & 6: Updated Tournament Information

By NH Tomahawks, 07/22/20, 5:30PM EDT


Teams Attending: 2021 Purple, 2022 Purple

Inside Lacrosse Invitational

Date:  August 5 & 6

Teams Attending:  2021 Purple, 2022 Purple


Blandair Regional Park
5750 Oakland Mills Road



Wednesday: 2-3 Scheduled Games
Thursday: 2-3 Scheduled Games

Tournament Information including Field Map and Covid Guidelines

Attached you will find the Inside Lacrosse Program for IL Invitational Session Three. While there is a link to the tourney machine schedule, the schedule will not be published until tomorrow Thursday July 30th. The Program contains the following information.

  • Link to Tourney Machine Schedule
  • Field Map
  • Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Gameplay Rules

We have been in constant contact with the facility and we are both excited to bring you all the opportunity to play this summer. The venue has already hosted multiple lacrosse tournaments on site in July, and they have confirmed that everything has gone very smoothly and everyone has been respectful.

None of this would be possible, without relying on the individuals who are aware of the scenario that we are all facing, and respect the rules. We alone cannot ensure the health and safety of each participant- we need the help and cooperation of every person involved in the event. 

Every health rule and regulation must be followed, but here is an additional reminder.

All parents, coaches, and players must be wearing masks when not playing. We understand that it is the summer and after a game, it can seem difficult to wear a mask, but that being said, if we want to continue playing lacrosse, we must all abide by the health and safety standards set in place by Blandair Regional Park.

Howard County is also implementing a limit to one spectator per player on site that is an immediate family member or guardian. No additional spectators will be allowed.

Registration Code

2021:  5EEA29985567A

2022:  5EEA29B35CFDD



If you have an account, please sign in now, if you do not have an account, please see step 1B

After creating your account, proceed to Step 2

Go to and select your event. If you are signed into an IL Account, the button will state Register
If you are NOT signed into an IL Account, the button will state Login to Register

Please double check to make sure that you are in the correct event. Your Invitation Code is made speci c to each team in each event so your assigned code will not work if you are in the incorrect event.

Your Invitation Code is located on the second page of this packet in the ‘Team-Speci c Invitation Code” section. Your Code is made speci cally for the team at your individual event.
• If your Code does not work, please check that you are in the correct event.
• COPY & PASTE CODE : Highlight the 13 characters, right click, copy, in textbox right click, paste.
• Typing in code by hand just increases the chance that the code will be entered incorrectly

After you have entered your Code, you will have to complete the following set of questions in order to participate and submit your information.

  • For security puposes, our site will log you out after 15 minutes of inaction. There are quite a few questions

    to cover, including all recruiting and medical options. Please have all of the information ready so when you

    hit submit, the page does not take you back to log in page and you will have to re-enter the information.

  • If you hit submit and you are returned to a blank page, please try using a different internet browser

    (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Xpolorer, Firefox)

    Next you will be brought a Housing Page. Please select No Housing, and continue to the Summary Page. Please review the information. Registration will be complete when you click the Complete Registration button.

  • Every registration will bring you to a page about payment. Click either option and the amount due will

    be $0.00. You will need to hit Complete Registration in order for the registration to officially go through.

  • If you want to verify your sons registration, please reach out to your club director as we will provide them

with constant updates on registrations.


Below are the health and safety guidelines for the Inside Lacrosse Invitational Session III at Blandair Regional Park. 


These guidelines are being put in place to allow for a lacrosse tournament to be safely run. In order to ensure the safety of all attendees, we need all players, coaches and parents to read the below guidelines and understand what is expected of each individual before they arrive at Blandair Park on August 5th. We alone cannot ensure the health and safety of each participant- we need the help and cooperation of every person involved in the event.




• Please stay home if you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or if you have been exposed to someone who has had signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Please see CDC guidelines for specific COVID-19 symptoms.

• Please be vigilant in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus by practicing good hygiene as recommended by CDC guidelines. CDC guidelines can be found here: 

• As per the CDC: If you are immunocompromised, the best way to prevent COVID-19 is to avoid being exposed to the virus. We strongly urge you to consider the risk that you would be taking by participating in an event. Therefore, you may consider not participating at this time.

• It is strongly recommend every player get tested for COVID-19 before attending the event. Any player who tests positive should not attend the event.



Howard County Health and Safety Guidelines: 

• Field entry and exit gates to remain open to minimize surface touching. 


• Restrooms are open to the public and cleaned regularly.  Please use proper hand-washing techniques after using the restrooms and before returning to the fields. 


• All players and coaches must use hand sanitizer before and after participation.


• Dugouts are closed.


• Bleachers are closed.


• Players and coaches are to maintain a 6-feet distance between each other when off the field.


• Players and coaches are encouraged to wear masks when walking to and from the field.

• Assign a “station” for each player to place their equipment (bag, water bottle etc.), and that they should return to during breaks. Assigned space on the sideline for all players should allow for adequate distance (6-feet) per CDC guidelines.


• Each player must utilize their own equipment, which must be disinfected before and after each session as well as during sessions when possible.


• All players, coaches, administrators etc. cannot share water, towels, or any personal or playing equipment (e.g. cones).  


• No centralized hydration stations are permitted on HCRP fields. 


• No spectators are allowed, only immediate family members of players are allowed


• We encourage parents/guardians to remain in their cars.  However, if parents/guardians want to be spectators, they may not enter the field area, should maintain a 6-feet distance from other spectators and are encouraged to wear a mask (please note: bleachers are closed). 


• No group celebrations, fist bumps, high-fives etc.

• Players should remain in their cars until just before the beginning of practice, instead of forming a group.



• No congregating before or after your permitted field time. Please maintain a 6-feet distance when walking to and from the field. 



• Remain in cars until time to warm up

• When arriving to the facility, please go directly to your field 

• No congregating before or after your permitted field time. Please maintain a 6-feet distance when walking to and from the field.

• Wear a mask until starting warmups

• Stay 6 feet away from anyone that is from a different household whenever off the field

• Do not share water or equipment with any players

• There will be no communal water at the facility- make sure you bring enough water for the entire day

• No group celebrations, fist bumps, high-fives etc.


Being Evaluated by Athletic Trainers:

• All athletes being evaluated/treated by the AT staff at the medical stations will be screened prior to treatment. 

• All athletes must wear a mask & apply hand sanitizer prior to evaluation/treatment with an AT. 

• Only athletes needing evaluation/treatment will be allowed at the medical stations with only one athlete at a time. 

• Parents, guardians, coaches, etc. must always practice safe social distancing with AT staff.